Low-voltage   distributiÓn   plant   SIVACON
       - The typical tested standard combinations of devices (““ņ);
       - The standardized position of assembled buses in the top part of the
         case, 3 and 4-polar system of assembled buses on a current
         to 7400 ņ;
       - Nominal pulse maintained current Ipk to 375 Íņ;
       - A deep compartment of equipment for universal installation;
       - Modular structure of a compartment of devices;
       - Installation unilateral or a back to a back;
       - Electric cable inlet from above or from below;
       - Cable connection from the forward or back side.

       Spheres of application:
       - Chemical and petroleum industry (the centers of energy and
         the main switchboards);
       - Power stations and auxiliary systems;
       - The industry (the systems focused on the industry);
       - Administrative and residential buildings (power supply).