The   box   of   reserve   switching   device   on   800A
The basic technical characteristics:
          -Two inputs and one section unit;
          -Nominal voltage: V, Hz ....... 380/220, 50/60;
          -Admissible settings of voltage deviations from nominal value:
                ♦ the maximum ....... +(1:30)% from Unom;
                ♦ the minimum ....... -(1:40)% from Unom;
          -Nominal current on output busbar assembly, А ....... up to 800;
          -Time of switching from the basic input to the sectional one and from the sectional one to the basic one,
            for no more seconds than ....... 1,0;

Operation conditions:
          -Operating ambient temperature -25°С to +55°С;
          -Relative air humidity at +25°C up to 98%;
          -Altitude above sea level up to 3000 m