Frequency   converter   F7
       The F7 drive is the industrial workhorse of adjustable frequency drives. It is intended to handle every conventional drive application found in a typical industrial manufacturing plant from simple variable torque pumping to sophisticated networked material handling. With excellent performance and a wide array of configurations and options, the F7 can be the single drive platform for an entire facility. Network communications, plug-in I/O cards, custom software and power/packaging options are among the many choices. For new installations or retrofits, the F7 is truly the industrial workhorse, perfect for every conventional application…and even some unconventional ones.
- Flux vector control. Excellent performance in open-loop mode with 150% torque at 0.5Hz.
- Silent operation. No current de-rating in silent mode (high carrier frequency).
- Wide selection of option cards: fieldbus, PLC unit, Mechatrolink, analogue and digital I/Os, etc..
- Programming software: CX-drive for parameter configuration.
- CASE (inverter application software) and PLC option board.
- PLC option board.